Kaya on IndieGogo: Graphic Novel and Original Soundtrack
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Kaya graphic novel comes with a full-soundtrack in Italian and English
Crowd Funding
Starweed is a Dope Comic Book of Supernatural Proportions (Funded)
A crowd funded project for Recreational Comic Book Use only.

Lex Wilson and Tony Gregori are back at it with another dope issue. The story involves ghosts and getting high what could go wrong? If the edgy premise and amazing artwork strike your fancy you can get your mitts on a copy of the latest issues.

You can pledge a donation on KickStarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alexwilson/starweed-2?ref=discovery&term=starweed

Starweed #2 is 32 pages of action, adventure and science fiction comedy (36 pages including cover) co-created by Tony Gregori and Lex Wilson! The comic book is finished and ready for the printers!

Starweed #1 (34 pages of story, 40 pages total) is also still available while supplies last (physical/printed edition) or while we remember our email passwords (digital edition).

[UPDATE] This project reached it's funding goal. Check the Kickstarter page for updates on the stretch goals.
Crowd Funding