Design Services
Original Art & Prints
Design at the Apex of Traditional and Digital
In addition to online learning, Defiant Creative offers graphic design services. Commission portraits, paintings and illustrations.

Our design team is equipped to produce original art for any occasion. We love a chance to design something iconic. We work with partners to create limited edition prints and merchandise.
- Posters & Prints
- Graphic Novels
- Cover Art
- Apparel

We deliver illustration fueled graphics to tell better stories.
Motion Design & Animation
Our Creative Team Brings Drawings to Life
2D/3D motion graphics for streaming video.

New technology helps our designers bring hand-drawn characters to life on the screen in exciting ways. A combination of traditional and digital art infuses everything we do with unique personality.

Our designers render high-resolution streaming content to inspire your audience. Recent projects include engaging animations for entertainment and educational content.
- 2D/3D Animation
- Live Art Videos
- Film Credits
- Presentations

Our motion graphics combine animation, video content and eye catching typography. We blend 2D artwork and 3D rendering to bring new life to classic line art.
Interactive Experiences
Experience a World of Open Possibilities
Our design team creates custom media players to make memorable moments. Recent projects include everything from streaming video apps to immersive 3D experiences. Keep viewers engaged with integrated support for third-party API like YouTube and Google Search.

Intuitive UX helps creators share digital content with a wider audience. Our interactive campaigns target the most popular devices and online publishing platforms while still looking great.

Creating art assets for game development pipelines requires the right technology. Concept art and character design are only the start of the process. We use tools like Blender to generate models, textures and sprite sheets. Our studio is currently expanding it's capabilities with Unity and Unreal Engine.